Welcome to Groubal

We champion consumer complaints. We take your popular petitions to the corporations and demand answers.

Introduction to Groubal

groubal provides an opportunity for people everywhere to be heard and be counted. We champion the most popular consumer complaint letters on our website and demand action from the companies responsible. Either create a groubal or sign a groubal to get started. NOTE: Sharing your groubal is key, the more signatures a groubal gets, the greater the opportunity for change. Don’t forget to use SHARE/SAVE tool to post your groubal to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

View all active groubals here.

To create a groubal:

  1. Register as a groubal user.
  2. Click on the link that says: “Add your groubal now“.
  3. Give your groubal a title.
  4. Describe your groubal in detail and provide all the supporting details you have.
  5. Type some keywords about your groubal that will help others find your petition.
  6. Upload an image for your groubal which will enhance your petition.

It’s that simple!  Now just check your email for confirmation that your groubal has been posted.  You will be provided with a personal link directly to your post.

To sign and support a groubal:

1. Use the site search feature to search for groubals.

2. Find groubals you agree with and sign them.

3. Use the social networking tool (SHARE/SAVE button) provided to share with everyone you know and encourage people to sign and support groubals that are important to you.

4. Don’t gripe, groubal!

Important Information

Both registered users and anyone that signs a groubal will be notified when significant corporate change related to their groubal has taken place. Groubal will also notify users about buying alliances that have resulted from groubal user’s needs. All users will have the option to participate in buying alliances and invite their contacts to do the same.

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